To My Mother

The woman who gave me life

The woman who gave me a life

The woman who gave me everything and felt it wasn’t enough

The woman who gave me all her unconditional love
She taught me right from wrong

She taught me the enjoyment of a song

She taught me to be strong

She taught me how to keep on
A beautiful woman with brown skin and jet black hair

She has a powerful presence that can’t be ignored around her air

She holds a work ethic that cannot be compared

And a love for family and life that we are blessed to have shared
My fondest memories growing up are the one that include her

Although we give her grief about the hard times for sure
I remember waking up to new video games

I remember her yelling “ese es mojo!” at my football games

I remember her carrying me to my kindergarten class on the first day

I remember breakfast in high school when I went in late

I remember the gift of inspirational books when I was set to depart

I remember the gift of faith that have stuck in my heart

I remember the sick days when she comforted me to no end

I remember the talks we had like we were good friends

Although we bring up the tough times like they were jokes 

The good times with Mom is what I remember the most.
I was in 7th grade the last time I wrote you a poem. This is long over due.

This is for you Mom.

You are perfectly imperfect

I love you more than you know.

Happy Mothers Day

One thought on “To My Mother

  1. You made me tear up! I love it and I know she’ll love it even more! Something I believe she’s been waiting to hear.. 😢😊❣️

    Liked by 1 person

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