Stop Thinking, Take Action

Procrastination is the killer of all dreams. 

Everyone waits for the perfect time to take action. The truth is there is no perfect time. That time will never come. Whatever it is, you must do it now. 

I was recently reminded of that cold hard fact. Whatever it is, starting a business or confessing your love, take action now! 

Is it going to be perfect or will you make all the right moves? Hell no. That road is going to be a lot rockier than that. That’s the beauty of it though. You learn from the mistakes, the failures and continue moving forward to build something great. But it will never happen if you continue to wait.

It’s been weeks since I’ve wanted to start this blog because I was trying to get everything set up the way I wanted.  I was sabotaging myself and waiting for that perfect time that will never arrive. Truthfully, I made little progress if any. Life seemed to continue to get in the way. 

So here it is. The now. The action. The first step. No more waiting. No more refining, no more reseach, no more questions, only action. 

Is this perfection? Far from it. Will it ever be perfection? Doubtful. But there will be improvement.

But I want to reach people and help those that I can in whatever way I can. That wasn’t going to happen unless I did something about it. This is a platform that I believe can make that happen. 

So whatever it is you’re thinking of doing, take that first step to bring it to life.  Quit the procrastination, push passed the fear and take action now!

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